Drinking And Smoking Does Not Make One Substandard |Aspersion Blog

In this world of fellowship where urge to belong is a fundamental
requirement of every personage. Every individual is judged on the basis of the
type of belongingness he/she tends to chose and habits that person inculcates.
There is a authority with traditional power in every strata of society that sets
code of conduct , ethics and norms of behavior that every individual being a
member of society is expected to follow. That special traditional authority has
power to decide character of an individual on the basis of norms preferably
called ‘moral grounds’ depending upon the habits that person accepts and peer
group that individual chose to be with.
Well this special traditional authority group has objection over everything that
doesn’t fall in criteria of moral code of conduct determined by them. One
mainstream prevalent issue that seizes my attention every time is how
everybody is judged on the basis of habit of smoking and drinking. People
those who smoke and drink are considered one’s of low character then it doesn’t
matter which strata of society that personal belongs to. Be it a normal teenager ,
a cooperate or let’s take for instance maybe your colleague or a normal
acquaintance. No matter what they do whatever they pursue everything is fine
maybe good enough but the moment they are seen drinking and smoking they
are considered substandard.
I don’t support the idea  that drinking and smoking is a good habit and everybody should
accept this habit and consider it to be normal and cool activity for everyone. Yes
people drink and smoke because they find it cool , they desire to belong and fit in
and there could be different reason for different people you never know but
gestures they receive from everyone in society is not less then believing
themselves to be a culprit. Everybody looks down on them as a criminal who is
committing suicide everyday by having a drink and a puff. They are even
nicknamed as spoiled brats , characterless , of grave, party monger and yes most
recurrent one is useless , good for nothing.
Our society starts judging our capabilities on the basis of habits we stick to.
According to them if a person drinks and smokes he/she might be wasting their
lives only doing this. Society expects them to be good for nothing and
constantly makes them feel that which is unfair on their part. It’s happening since
forever , character of a person is being judged on the basis of habits. Yes cases
have been there which imply that people after drinking lose their concise and
behave immoderately but generalizing people on this basis is also an unsound
act. This is happening since forever but with changing time we should change our
mentality and at least stop generalizing people let them be what they want to be
and accept them as a part of us.

Source : WikiPedia