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Human being is a social animal and basic amenity every person craves for is society as nobody can live alone. Society is just a factor, all everybody needs is someone by side every time. Therefore, entire life journey depends on having relationships and associations and all of us strive hard to form best associations and maintain them as well.
We all have been through different phases in life, we make friends at every point of life spend quality time with them and after certain point of time we separate and blame it on time after being careless towards our relationships with our friends.
There are some hacks which can help everyone to form as well as maintain their old relationships with their friends all it needs is some patience and a bit of precious time.
Strike A Conversation-
If anybody wants to form new relationship it is very essential to have sportsman spirit to go up to new people and take initiative to interact with them. This not only helps to make new association but also boosts up self confidence of person and has a major impact on overall personality development of individual.

Keep In Touch-
Only striking conversation or talking to a person once in a while will only make that person your acquaintance if you want to formulate or maintain healthy relationship it is very important to be in constant touch with your friends. Most of the time relationships are adversely affected by ego or rather thought that why should I contact first. There is no harm in keeping your ego aside and contacting ones you want to be in regular touch with and in advanced technology era there are various means to be in contact and social media is the most prominent one but this should be only opted if other person wants to be in contact as well one should never enforce oneself on others.

Keep Texting Frequently –
In our busy schedules most of them we forget to ping our friends and relatives even on special occasions and this negatively affects relationship in some way, to resist such problems One should text their friends and relatives on special occasions to maintain healthy and happy relationships.

Arrange Reunions –
One should never leave a chance of reuniting with old friends whenever opportunity provided as this the best way to stay connected with old friends and they also help individual to always cherish old memories and go back to carefree times.

Plan Random Trips-
It might sound vague but if you keep planning random trips with different lot of friends and colleagues , that gives you altogether new tangent of friendship. This helps personal to cherish old memories, recreate memories as well as form new memories. Even travelling alone with random people helps you to make new friends even travelling is a best stress buster it helps you to fill your travel diary and helps you to know world around you.

We all get excited when it comes to making of new friends or maintaining relationships with them. Sometimes we are not able to manage them due to work pressure, peer pressure or any other random external pressure or sometime we start expecting so much that we lose what we had with us. Also, relationships only work out if two people are ready for it, it’s never enforced.

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