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Being a girl has always been a difficult task because you never know who in what form will start showering their entire love on you. Be it your Mom’s kitty party friend, your Dad’s jogging companion or some unwanted relative who will always have suggestions for you and opinion about rest of the world, will try their best to stay as integral part of your life. Being a girl you are supposed to listen them, follow them, idolize them because this is what are society teaches us and expects us to do. Our society has different set of norms and protocols which it tries to impose on everyone. It nurtures us with those norms, we grow with it and inherit it as integral part of our lives and  imply it without even judging that whatever we are thinking is  ethical or not.

Being a girl you don’t have liberty to go out alone at night, to stay out for longer hours, wear dresses of your choice, set of friends you should hang around with is also not your decision it’s society who decides that . If you are a girl you are supposed to be only with girls. Guys in your life could only be your brother, your dad or maybe close male relatives no other male  out of your family should be close to you and if you have male friends you are the one who will be looked down upon.

Girls having guy friends are considered whores because it’s an assumption that if a girl is staying with guys that means she is trying to get lucky with everyone, she is characterless, doesn’t have any dignity left within her and is bringing bad name to her family. I have no clue how staying with guys turn a girl characterless but yes our thought process is trained by society so we tend to believe it without applying any logic behind it. Even if she gets raped by a friend it’s said ‘it happened because it was her call she should have maintained her limits and listened to everybody. Now she alone is responsible for her actions.’ What was her mistake? choosing friends? Trusting friends?.According to me it’s not her mistake because she choose to be your friend, trusted you blindly in a hope that whatever happens her friend would never cheat her.

A girl’s guy friends are the best thing she could ever ask for. They are always there irrespective of any situation, they make sure that if their friend reached back safely, they are always there to facilitate them with pick up and drop facility when it’s too late to travel alone. They are the best bodyguards one could ever get if you eye their friend they can screw happiness of your life. They can be best entertainers, can accompany you to the moon and back, if you are sad they crack lamest joke to see that million dollar smile on their beautiful friend’s face. They protect you from all mishaps which can turn out awful for you.

This is what guy friends are for and when society judges character of a girl on the basis of their staying together it is heartbreaking. Yes mishaps do happen for sure but that doesn’t mean that a girl called for it or she is a whore. It’s just she trusted people she chose to stay with and it is very important to stay with a right people and everybody should have right to stay with people they want to stay with. Character is not determined by the people whom you chose to stay with it’s determined by our deeds. There is no need to change the companionship you feel happy to stay in but there is a need to leave naive mentality behind and stop judging people on the bases of companions they have.Therefore, Having guy friend doesn’t turn girl into a whore it’s our society which keeps demeaning of of us.  

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Nasty Secrets That Pertain In Every Girls Hostel | Aspersion Blog


It is assumed that girls are most innocent and quite creatures on this planet but
no your perception regarding them is totally wrong they also have nasty secrets
and this side of girls is only seen when they are in hostel.
1) They Forge Signatures
Every girl in girl’s hostel forges signature of her parents or local
guardians atleast once in her hostel life to go for a rampant
night out reasons may differ from stay over at a friends place for
studies to late night clubbing and getting sloshed or maybe
something else you never know.
2) They do sneak in booze and cigarettes.
It’s nothing like girls don’t booze or puff they do smoke up that
to very frequently and some time on daily basis and this happens
not only outside hostel it goes on even inside hostel secretly
hidden from eyes of strict warden.
3) Every illegal stuff is legal .
Girls do hide so called illegal electronic gadgets like irons and
kettles this is important because they require these things on
daily basis and up to some extent these things are necessity in
everyday hostel life because hostel food is blah and for mid night
snacking if you can’t order food from outside then kettle turns
out to be your God Of Food because Food is one prime love of
every girl although they don’t accept that publically but yes it is.
4) Colourful walls
Every girls hostel has one colourful wall well its not Asian Paint
that’s there on wall it’s girls make up i.e liner and lip glosses
that’s removed and painted differently on one wall that’s near
mirror and this happens in every girls hostel.
5) Messy Rooms
Every girl’s room is tidy and clean and very well organized is a
beautiful myth please don’t fall for it it’s equally untidy and
messy if you compare it with a guys room. So whoa ! guys you
are not only culprits who don’t clean your rooms girls are there to
give you tough competition.
6) Late Night Sex Education
Every year there is one girl in hostel who doesn’t know anything
about sex then there comes a rescue team who helps out that poor
soul and “educate” her and that happens almost every night till the
day that girl herself becomes one sex education expert.
7) Every Talk Is Double Meaning Talk
It’s not true that always boys crack double meaning jokes even
girls crack double meaning jokes not only jokes they are capable
enough to find double meaning in every sentence during
conversation and this is the most common thing in girls hostel .

Source  : WikiPedia