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In every student’s life one place has plays a very Important and crucial role. Any guesses what it can be ? Do you really think it’s School and college ?? Well you are partially correct it is school and college but not classroom. it’s Canteen. Canteen is the most important place in one student’s life and it has always been since childhood. 6 things I bet that everybody has been through in college canteen and trust me nobody can deny that.


We all do that we walk in late in class and try to convince our teacher that we “the innocent souls” were in premises on time it’s just was trying to get something and got late. So basically It’s not my fault it’s canteen guy who is responsible for my getting late in class.


We all do this sometimes when we are too bored to attend lecture and trust me all of us enjoy this that to a lot . These are best memories we all make in our entire student life and trust me even till today people who are done with their student life cherish those memories they had of college canteen more than that of a classroom.


Come on everyone has done this at one point of time seeing someone randomly with unique style and funny gestures and laughing their hearts out and giggling over it again and again.
This is not done only to random people but also to our very own friends who are meant to mock. Be it their wired sense of dressing , their unique hair color , their way of walking or interacting everything is meant to make fun of.


All of us have dreams in life. Dreams which don’t let us sleep or think about anything else. Where do we discuss that all ? canteen. Yeah !!! canteen it is the only place which gives you ambience to take your heart out and discuss your life in and out with your mates.


College is not only meant to sway time away or make mockery out of everything. Canteen can also be used for productive purposes one of them is group projects. College is the only place which never kicks you out for being there for longer period of time. You can be there for hours and hours without ordering anything and carrying on with your group projects.


Canteen is one place where you can always make new friends. It is a only place in world where you can interact with different set of people at same time and simultaneously make new friends. Therefore it is a platform one can look upon to socialize.

All of us desperately wait for our school and college to get over so that we can go out and establish ourselves but trust me life is only what you make in college canteen. At that moment we all thing we wasted our time and swayed it doing nothing but memories you make in college canteen by swaying and wasting life is treasure of true memories. Those are the moments you always remember and cherish them your entire life.

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