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Being a kid I always wondered when am I going to grow up. Growing up was not only a dream but also demand. Like every school kid I was desperately waiting to grow up so I could get out of my monotonous school schedule. Completing homework every day and getting that to school was the biggest accomplishment. Finding things in the morning was the biggest battle that being a clumsy kid I had to fight with me every morning. Reaching school on time was the biggest mission that had to get accomplished no matter what. PTA meets ( Parents teacher Association meets) were the most dangerous thing during school life and sometimes very difficult to handle as well. We never knew what repercussions would be until and unless our parents handled us personally.
I always thought my life is a complete mess how better my life would become if I grew up I would never had to go back to that monotonous life , never do my home works, never get up early in morning to reach school on time. I was very excited regarding thoughts of my school getting over. I had dreams, passion and moreover I wanted to get out of my school because I considered my school worst place as it had only strict teachers and boring periods where after giving your best in life you will be criticized by own fellow mates and some times teachers as well.
But, I was wrong I only looked through negative aspect of my school. I never considered how happy I was when I was a kid, I didn’t had to do anything except studying. Those boring monotonous lectures always had my friends beside me who would accompany me in making fun of my teachers, those endless chats even after meeting every day, to be together, discussions about important to not so important people of your life with them, playing pranks on everyone, bunking lectures with them, hanging out in canteen during lectures , having your own small happy group carrying out our own games in class was the best time of my life. Disturbing everyone across the lecture was the best pass time we all ever did.
Everybody has one distinguished squad in school, which was considered individual’s distinctive trait and you will be assumed to be found with that squad only if you are nowhere to be seen. They would be only people to know where you can be found since they knew you in and out. Another important factor was ‘Unity’ you had in your class as a group. It was the best thing one could ever come across, after all differences with your classmates when it was matter of danger for one person, everybody stood for that one single person.
Everyday getting up and coming to school in a urge to meet friends and gossip about every small thing happened and did not happen, cribbing about everything was habit and throwing tantrums too, my ladies were always there to bear with me without getting annoyed, still they do but things are different now. We all were part of one extended family, we all went through same roller coaster rides of emotions from love, anger to care, concern and possessiveness but at the end of the we all were their for each other irrespective of any circumstance.
Growing up pursuing dreams was a biggest dream in childhood which even took me away from everyone. Somewhere between growing up and running behind life. I left my all friends behind, things changed, we changed, situations changed, we don’t get time for each other no wonder everybody has certain goals to achieve in life which is fair on everybody’s : WikiPedia


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