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Urge to belong  and companionship is one essential thing we all need in our lives. It’s true we all want someone to stay around, listen , take care of our needs and understand our emotions in short we all need that “someone special” in our life. But it’s not important that someone special should be only your boyfriend or girlfriend. It can be anyone who can make you feel special maybe your siblings, your parents, friends or anyone it’s just you have to realize importance of that person in your life. Staying in a relationship may sound like fairy tale coming true but staying single also has its own perks  which may sound weird to many but trust me it’s amazing if you have stayed single and experienced that feeling it’s terrific.


when you are single you don’t have to wait for someone to call you or even you don’t have to keep on calling that one single person every time in a day  . You yourself can call up anyone you wish to talk to. You are never stuck to one person. You can have variety of people to talk to, know them and you tend to make new friends every now and then. So in short being single reduces your reliability on one single person you expect is best thing in your life.



You get chance to explore new places  with different set of people every time.  You don’t have to make plans depending upon that one person’s schedule you believe to stay with which half of the time fail, since your partner is always busy and you don’t wish to do anything without them as  you plan  to have great memories with that person only. If you  are single, you with your very own squad can plan a random trip and enjoy as well and trust me your friends would always have time for you or they will manage no matter how but you are always important to them.



I have always seen people changing their attitude towards life once they get committed according to their partners convenience but when you are single you can be yourself. You don’t have to care about what your partner thinks about you, you don’t have to rely on that person every time for everything and make your schedule run according to their convenience. Basically it’s your life it must run according to your convenience.



Once you are single your life follows rules you   set for it and then  no restrictions to worry about. You can party with people of your choice, go for outings , hang out with people you like to be with do whatever you want to do. That independence you live  is your sole right without anybody’s  interference. Just imagine every time you go out  and you have to inform your partner about who are you with, what are you doing, calls after ten minutes to know your location. EHHHHH !!!!!! it’s so annoying I don’t know how to deal with it.



If you are single you don’t fall for extra expenses. staying in a relationship makes expenditure a  ritual for partners. Couples tend to show their love by showering expensive gifts on each other and intensity of love in relationship depends upon how  expensive gifts are. So  expensiveness  of gifts states couples are in immense love.


Every time I see couples one of partner  is always suffering from mood swings sometimes it’s genuine and most of the time it’s from nowhere and  who suffers most yes your partner. That poor person keeps taking your mood swings in an assumption that you are sad but trust me how is it relevant to shower your mood swings on person who is in no way related to your problem. How is it even justified ???


When you are in  relationship to show loyalty towards partners guys/girls don’t even look at other people even  if they find them attractive.  They confine their world to the one they love. But when you are single you don’t have such obligations and you can check out every second person without feeling guilty about it.

Yes, it’s possible that every relationship may not work  this way, there are chances that most of the people are happy with each and wanna stay that way forever. But nobody can deny that being single also fills your life with joy. you don’t rely on anyone, you have carefree attitude and your approach towards life is more happier. I can’t stay about everybody but yes I can’t deal with tantrums of relationship and hence, I love to be single.

Source : Wikipedia


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