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Being a girl has always been a difficult task because you never know who in what form will start showering their entire love on you. Be it your Mom’s kitty party friend, your Dad’s jogging companion or some unwanted relative who will always have suggestions for you and opinion about rest of the world, will try their best to stay as integral part of your life. Being a girl you are supposed to listen them, follow them, idolize them because this is what are society teaches us and expects us to do. Our society has different set of norms and protocols which it tries to impose on everyone. It nurtures us with those norms, we grow with it and inherit it as integral part of our lives and  imply it without even judging that whatever we are thinking is  ethical or not.

Being a girl you don’t have liberty to go out alone at night, to stay out for longer hours, wear dresses of your choice, set of friends you should hang around with is also not your decision it’s society who decides that . If you are a girl you are supposed to be only with girls. Guys in your life could only be your brother, your dad or maybe close male relatives no other male  out of your family should be close to you and if you have male friends you are the one who will be looked down upon.

Girls having guy friends are considered whores because it’s an assumption that if a girl is staying with guys that means she is trying to get lucky with everyone, she is characterless, doesn’t have any dignity left within her and is bringing bad name to her family. I have no clue how staying with guys turn a girl characterless but yes our thought process is trained by society so we tend to believe it without applying any logic behind it. Even if she gets raped by a friend it’s said ‘it happened because it was her call she should have maintained her limits and listened to everybody. Now she alone is responsible for her actions.’ What was her mistake? choosing friends? Trusting friends?.According to me it’s not her mistake because she choose to be your friend, trusted you blindly in a hope that whatever happens her friend would never cheat her.

A girl’s guy friends are the best thing she could ever ask for. They are always there irrespective of any situation, they make sure that if their friend reached back safely, they are always there to facilitate them with pick up and drop facility when it’s too late to travel alone. They are the best bodyguards one could ever get if you eye their friend they can screw happiness of your life. They can be best entertainers, can accompany you to the moon and back, if you are sad they crack lamest joke to see that million dollar smile on their beautiful friend’s face. They protect you from all mishaps which can turn out awful for you.

This is what guy friends are for and when society judges character of a girl on the basis of their staying together it is heartbreaking. Yes mishaps do happen for sure but that doesn’t mean that a girl called for it or she is a whore. It’s just she trusted people she chose to stay with and it is very important to stay with a right people and everybody should have right to stay with people they want to stay with. Character is not determined by the people whom you chose to stay with it’s determined by our deeds. There is no need to change the companionship you feel happy to stay in but there is a need to leave naive mentality behind and stop judging people on the bases of companions they have.Therefore, Having guy friend doesn’t turn girl into a whore it’s our society which keeps demeaning of of us.  

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I Love To Be Single | Aspersion Blog

Urge to belong  and companionship is one essential thing we all need in our lives. It’s true we all want someone to stay around, listen , take care of our needs and understand our emotions in short we all need that “someone special” in our life. But it’s not important that someone special should be only your boyfriend or girlfriend. It can be anyone who can make you feel special maybe your siblings, your parents, friends or anyone it’s just you have to realize importance of that person in your life. Staying in a relationship may sound like fairy tale coming true but staying single also has its own perks  which may sound weird to many but trust me it’s amazing if you have stayed single and experienced that feeling it’s terrific.


when you are single you don’t have to wait for someone to call you or even you don’t have to keep on calling that one single person every time in a day  . You yourself can call up anyone you wish to talk to. You are never stuck to one person. You can have variety of people to talk to, know them and you tend to make new friends every now and then. So in short being single reduces your reliability on one single person you expect is best thing in your life.



You get chance to explore new places  with different set of people every time.  You don’t have to make plans depending upon that one person’s schedule you believe to stay with which half of the time fail, since your partner is always busy and you don’t wish to do anything without them as  you plan  to have great memories with that person only. If you  are single, you with your very own squad can plan a random trip and enjoy as well and trust me your friends would always have time for you or they will manage no matter how but you are always important to them.



I have always seen people changing their attitude towards life once they get committed according to their partners convenience but when you are single you can be yourself. You don’t have to care about what your partner thinks about you, you don’t have to rely on that person every time for everything and make your schedule run according to their convenience. Basically it’s your life it must run according to your convenience.



Once you are single your life follows rules you   set for it and then  no restrictions to worry about. You can party with people of your choice, go for outings , hang out with people you like to be with do whatever you want to do. That independence you live  is your sole right without anybody’s  interference. Just imagine every time you go out  and you have to inform your partner about who are you with, what are you doing, calls after ten minutes to know your location. EHHHHH !!!!!! it’s so annoying I don’t know how to deal with it.



If you are single you don’t fall for extra expenses. staying in a relationship makes expenditure a  ritual for partners. Couples tend to show their love by showering expensive gifts on each other and intensity of love in relationship depends upon how  expensive gifts are. So  expensiveness  of gifts states couples are in immense love.


Every time I see couples one of partner  is always suffering from mood swings sometimes it’s genuine and most of the time it’s from nowhere and  who suffers most yes your partner. That poor person keeps taking your mood swings in an assumption that you are sad but trust me how is it relevant to shower your mood swings on person who is in no way related to your problem. How is it even justified ???


When you are in  relationship to show loyalty towards partners guys/girls don’t even look at other people even  if they find them attractive.  They confine their world to the one they love. But when you are single you don’t have such obligations and you can check out every second person without feeling guilty about it.

Yes, it’s possible that every relationship may not work  this way, there are chances that most of the people are happy with each and wanna stay that way forever. But nobody can deny that being single also fills your life with joy. you don’t rely on anyone, you have carefree attitude and your approach towards life is more happier. I can’t stay about everybody but yes I can’t deal with tantrums of relationship and hence, I love to be single.

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Nasty Secrets That Pertain In Every Girls Hostel | Aspersion Blog


It is assumed that girls are most innocent and quite creatures on this planet but
no your perception regarding them is totally wrong they also have nasty secrets
and this side of girls is only seen when they are in hostel.
1) They Forge Signatures
Every girl in girl’s hostel forges signature of her parents or local
guardians atleast once in her hostel life to go for a rampant
night out reasons may differ from stay over at a friends place for
studies to late night clubbing and getting sloshed or maybe
something else you never know.
2) They do sneak in booze and cigarettes.
It’s nothing like girls don’t booze or puff they do smoke up that
to very frequently and some time on daily basis and this happens
not only outside hostel it goes on even inside hostel secretly
hidden from eyes of strict warden.
3) Every illegal stuff is legal .
Girls do hide so called illegal electronic gadgets like irons and
kettles this is important because they require these things on
daily basis and up to some extent these things are necessity in
everyday hostel life because hostel food is blah and for mid night
snacking if you can’t order food from outside then kettle turns
out to be your God Of Food because Food is one prime love of
every girl although they don’t accept that publically but yes it is.
4) Colourful walls
Every girls hostel has one colourful wall well its not Asian Paint
that’s there on wall it’s girls make up i.e liner and lip glosses
that’s removed and painted differently on one wall that’s near
mirror and this happens in every girls hostel.
5) Messy Rooms
Every girl’s room is tidy and clean and very well organized is a
beautiful myth please don’t fall for it it’s equally untidy and
messy if you compare it with a guys room. So whoa ! guys you
are not only culprits who don’t clean your rooms girls are there to
give you tough competition.
6) Late Night Sex Education
Every year there is one girl in hostel who doesn’t know anything
about sex then there comes a rescue team who helps out that poor
soul and “educate” her and that happens almost every night till the
day that girl herself becomes one sex education expert.
7) Every Talk Is Double Meaning Talk
It’s not true that always boys crack double meaning jokes even
girls crack double meaning jokes not only jokes they are capable
enough to find double meaning in every sentence during
conversation and this is the most common thing in girls hostel .

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Drinking And Smoking Does Not Make One Substandard |Aspersion Blog

In this world of fellowship where urge to belong is a fundamental
requirement of every personage. Every individual is judged on the basis of the
type of belongingness he/she tends to chose and habits that person inculcates.
There is a authority with traditional power in every strata of society that sets
code of conduct , ethics and norms of behavior that every individual being a
member of society is expected to follow. That special traditional authority has
power to decide character of an individual on the basis of norms preferably
called ‘moral grounds’ depending upon the habits that person accepts and peer
group that individual chose to be with.
Well this special traditional authority group has objection over everything that
doesn’t fall in criteria of moral code of conduct determined by them. One
mainstream prevalent issue that seizes my attention every time is how
everybody is judged on the basis of habit of smoking and drinking. People
those who smoke and drink are considered one’s of low character then it doesn’t
matter which strata of society that personal belongs to. Be it a normal teenager ,
a cooperate or let’s take for instance maybe your colleague or a normal
acquaintance. No matter what they do whatever they pursue everything is fine
maybe good enough but the moment they are seen drinking and smoking they
are considered substandard.
I don’t support the idea  that drinking and smoking is a good habit and everybody should
accept this habit and consider it to be normal and cool activity for everyone. Yes
people drink and smoke because they find it cool , they desire to belong and fit in
and there could be different reason for different people you never know but
gestures they receive from everyone in society is not less then believing
themselves to be a culprit. Everybody looks down on them as a criminal who is
committing suicide everyday by having a drink and a puff. They are even
nicknamed as spoiled brats , characterless , of grave, party monger and yes most
recurrent one is useless , good for nothing.
Our society starts judging our capabilities on the basis of habits we stick to.
According to them if a person drinks and smokes he/she might be wasting their
lives only doing this. Society expects them to be good for nothing and
constantly makes them feel that which is unfair on their part. It’s happening since
forever , character of a person is being judged on the basis of habits. Yes cases
have been there which imply that people after drinking lose their concise and
behave immoderately but generalizing people on this basis is also an unsound
act. This is happening since forever but with changing time we should change our
mentality and at least stop generalizing people let them be what they want to be
and accept them as a part of us.

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College Canteen | Aspersions Blog

In every student’s life one place has plays a very Important and crucial role. Any guesses what it can be ? Do you really think it’s School and college ?? Well you are partially correct it is school and college but not classroom. it’s Canteen. Canteen is the most important place in one student’s life and it has always been since childhood. 6 things I bet that everybody has been through in college canteen and trust me nobody can deny that.


We all do that we walk in late in class and try to convince our teacher that we “the innocent souls” were in premises on time it’s just was trying to get something and got late. So basically It’s not my fault it’s canteen guy who is responsible for my getting late in class.


We all do this sometimes when we are too bored to attend lecture and trust me all of us enjoy this that to a lot . These are best memories we all make in our entire student life and trust me even till today people who are done with their student life cherish those memories they had of college canteen more than that of a classroom.


Come on everyone has done this at one point of time seeing someone randomly with unique style and funny gestures and laughing their hearts out and giggling over it again and again.
This is not done only to random people but also to our very own friends who are meant to mock. Be it their wired sense of dressing , their unique hair color , their way of walking or interacting everything is meant to make fun of.


All of us have dreams in life. Dreams which don’t let us sleep or think about anything else. Where do we discuss that all ? canteen. Yeah !!! canteen it is the only place which gives you ambience to take your heart out and discuss your life in and out with your mates.


College is not only meant to sway time away or make mockery out of everything. Canteen can also be used for productive purposes one of them is group projects. College is the only place which never kicks you out for being there for longer period of time. You can be there for hours and hours without ordering anything and carrying on with your group projects.


Canteen is one place where you can always make new friends. It is a only place in world where you can interact with different set of people at same time and simultaneously make new friends. Therefore it is a platform one can look upon to socialize.

All of us desperately wait for our school and college to get over so that we can go out and establish ourselves but trust me life is only what you make in college canteen. At that moment we all thing we wasted our time and swayed it doing nothing but memories you make in college canteen by swaying and wasting life is treasure of true memories. Those are the moments you always remember and cherish them your entire life.

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School Days | Aspersion Blog

Being a kid I always wondered when am I going to grow up. Growing up was not only a dream but also demand. Like every school kid I was desperately waiting to grow up so I could get out of my monotonous school schedule. Completing homework every day and getting that to school was the biggest accomplishment. Finding things in the morning was the biggest battle that being a clumsy kid I had to fight with me every morning. Reaching school on time was the biggest mission that had to get accomplished no matter what. PTA meets ( Parents teacher Association meets) were the most dangerous thing during school life and sometimes very difficult to handle as well. We never knew what repercussions would be until and unless our parents handled us personally.
I always thought my life is a complete mess how better my life would become if I grew up I would never had to go back to that monotonous life , never do my home works, never get up early in morning to reach school on time. I was very excited regarding thoughts of my school getting over. I had dreams, passion and moreover I wanted to get out of my school because I considered my school worst place as it had only strict teachers and boring periods where after giving your best in life you will be criticized by own fellow mates and some times teachers as well.
But, I was wrong I only looked through negative aspect of my school. I never considered how happy I was when I was a kid, I didn’t had to do anything except studying. Those boring monotonous lectures always had my friends beside me who would accompany me in making fun of my teachers, those endless chats even after meeting every day, to be together, discussions about important to not so important people of your life with them, playing pranks on everyone, bunking lectures with them, hanging out in canteen during lectures , having your own small happy group carrying out our own games in class was the best time of my life. Disturbing everyone across the lecture was the best pass time we all ever did.
Everybody has one distinguished squad in school, which was considered individual’s distinctive trait and you will be assumed to be found with that squad only if you are nowhere to be seen. They would be only people to know where you can be found since they knew you in and out. Another important factor was ‘Unity’ you had in your class as a group. It was the best thing one could ever come across, after all differences with your classmates when it was matter of danger for one person, everybody stood for that one single person.
Everyday getting up and coming to school in a urge to meet friends and gossip about every small thing happened and did not happen, cribbing about everything was habit and throwing tantrums too, my ladies were always there to bear with me without getting annoyed, still they do but things are different now. We all were part of one extended family, we all went through same roller coaster rides of emotions from love, anger to care, concern and possessiveness but at the end of the we all were their for each other irrespective of any circumstance.
Growing up pursuing dreams was a biggest dream in childhood which even took me away from everyone. Somewhere between growing up and running behind life. I left my all friends behind, things changed, we changed, situations changed, we don’t get time for each other no wonder everybody has certain goals to achieve in life which is fair on everybody’s part.kids-walking-to-schoolSource : WikiPedia

Forming As Well As Maintaining Relationships | Aspersion Blog

Human being is a social animal and basic amenity every person craves for is society as nobody can live alone. Society is just a factor, all everybody needs is someone by side every time. Therefore, entire life journey depends on having relationships and associations and all of us strive hard to form best associations and maintain them as well.
We all have been through different phases in life, we make friends at every point of life spend quality time with them and after certain point of time we separate and blame it on time after being careless towards our relationships with our friends.
There are some hacks which can help everyone to form as well as maintain their old relationships with their friends all it needs is some patience and a bit of precious time.
Strike A Conversation-
If anybody wants to form new relationship it is very essential to have sportsman spirit to go up to new people and take initiative to interact with them. This not only helps to make new association but also boosts up self confidence of person and has a major impact on overall personality development of individual.

Keep In Touch-
Only striking conversation or talking to a person once in a while will only make that person your acquaintance if you want to formulate or maintain healthy relationship it is very important to be in constant touch with your friends. Most of the time relationships are adversely affected by ego or rather thought that why should I contact first. There is no harm in keeping your ego aside and contacting ones you want to be in regular touch with and in advanced technology era there are various means to be in contact and social media is the most prominent one but this should be only opted if other person wants to be in contact as well one should never enforce oneself on others.

Keep Texting Frequently –
In our busy schedules most of them we forget to ping our friends and relatives even on special occasions and this negatively affects relationship in some way, to resist such problems One should text their friends and relatives on special occasions to maintain healthy and happy relationships.

Arrange Reunions –
One should never leave a chance of reuniting with old friends whenever opportunity provided as this the best way to stay connected with old friends and they also help individual to always cherish old memories and go back to carefree times.

Plan Random Trips-
It might sound vague but if you keep planning random trips with different lot of friends and colleagues , that gives you altogether new tangent of friendship. This helps personal to cherish old memories, recreate memories as well as form new memories. Even travelling alone with random people helps you to make new friends even travelling is a best stress buster it helps you to fill your travel diary and helps you to know world around you.

We all get excited when it comes to making of new friends or maintaining relationships with them. Sometimes we are not able to manage them due to work pressure, peer pressure or any other random external pressure or sometime we start expecting so much that we lose what we had with us. Also, relationships only work out if two people are ready for it, it’s never enforced.

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Alone In Hostel | Aspersions Blog

It was a long tiring day filled with hustle bustle and chaos of surrounding. All I knew was the next train I catch will take me towards peace that is a home away from home my hostel. I was getting impatient to reach back because after entire mess of day what I needed was my supper and a good sound sleep. But is it possible in Mumbai to have peaceful thoughts even ? even local trains in this city constantly reminds you that life is all about devoting yourself to work and struggle. Although, I am use to this life by now but today I just want to be myself I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe I am too exhausted or it is possible that I am suffering from epic mood swings. I normally do behave in this way but today my anxiety is at different level altogether. All I demand today is to be alone, be myself but yes, even that is not possible because as soon as I reach back. I will have different things to do and different sounds to deal with which will not allow me to even sigh peacefully. But, nobody can help this hostel life is all about friends and their usual nuisance and anyway I love that place because It provides me same protection as house does.
Catching 7.15 local at Dadar is tougher then cracking JEE exam. It seems, entire Mumbai at once decides daily to commute through same route. Getting In train makes you feel like qualify exam and trust me if you manage to get a seat you feel like top 10 rankers. Like everyday I had to pick this challenge again today as I had no choice, travelling in locals along with entire Mumbai population is the only option.
Finally this train has arrived and somehow I have to manage to get in, somehow I did but I couldn’t qualify exam of getting a seat. All I had to do was squeeze myself to fit in entire crowd to survive that journey of 30 minutes. All I wanted is to get done with my travelling as soon as possible but observing everybody’s expression in local is also a very interesting task. Most of the time none of us pays attention to it but let’s give it a thought there is so much to understand something about everybody’s life just from their glance and expressions. Their faces gives rough idea of how their entire day was. what I could gather from chit chats going on in small groups was this common notion, scarcity of time. I couldn’t understand the reason behind getting late at the end of the day. What have we all done to ourselves in this hustle bustle of time? Are we even living our life or just going through it? What is the use of working hard and striving so hard for it when we don’t have time to look ourselves and pay attention to oneself.
Anyways, my travelling for the day was coming to an end. As soon as train stopped I was thrown out of train by crowd. Well this is a normal way of coming out of Mumbai Local in crowded hours. Now I had to head towards hostel. A place where I get non-edible food, a place where my privacy is every time is intruded but still it is home away from home. In spite of getting bad food and no peace at all this place still provides me some sort of comfort which I had only experienced at home. Maybe after so many problems still this place is very difficult for me to leave. All I wanted was peace because I was too exhausted I wished to stay alone in hostel for one night away from all noise and hustle bustle, I wanted to be myself for one day, I was longing for uninterrupted silence for a while.

But wishes are wishes they don’t get fulfilled always and definitely not this one, this I knew for sure. So , finally I reached my destination my hostel, but today, hostel was not like everyday. There was something different which I was not able to figure out. In my two years of hostel life hostel had never been that quiet, I couldn’t understand what had gone wrong. I got inside I couldn’t see even a single girl in entire hostel there was no one around. Then I decide to head towards my room where I could get to see my roommates at least. But, Alas! My room was locked. Thank God I had keys but why did this happen to me nobody told me before leaving and how did hostel grant nigh out to so many people at once. Finally I heard bell for dinner, I had hope of seeing someone at least. In hall of hundred girls it was only me who was present there and I only saw my warden. It was only two of us who were residing in hostel that night. I couldn’t hold my curiosity for longer duration and I asked her where was everyone then I got to know everybody had gone for a visit to hostel dome for one night. It was hostel’s property. But why without me. Nobody tried to call me up or contact me. I was in despair after hearing this.

I know I was longing for this since long but, I was not serious. How was this even possible to stay in this scary hostel with scary warden that too alone. How I wish I could have asked for something else but now nothing was possible I had to stay alone even if I did not wanted to I had no choice. I was missing that chaos and hustle bustle. Today , I had all peace to myself I always longed for but still I was not happy with staying alone.Hostel_Dormitory

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Beautiful Escapism In House|Aspersion Blog

We all like being embraced by the nature to enjoy solitude and to have some peaceful moments to just ourselves and to find that we wait for vacations or weekends so that we find a perfect getaways for ourselves but it’s not always necessary to wait for vacations. One can easily find beautiful escapism in house itself at two prominent places Courtyard and Terrace.

Courtyards have been an integral part of the Indian Houses as small area courtyard designed adds lively touch to house and provides extravagant ambiance. These outdoor places deliver best experience of nature at home and right kind of plantation adds more to the beauty, leading to serene environment. Entrance from front and side adds more drama and beauty to it. Presence of all these elements take us back to old and traditional times where this style was commonly seen everywhere. Now with a little modification and a tint of modern architecture again this style of architecture has become prevalent in modern bungalows. Now, in present scenario location of courtyard might change from inside the house the house to outside the house.

Inner courtyards which are built inside a house gives a vibe of enchanting majestic land. This is constructed in a way that it is present right in center of house sometimes with roof above and sometimes without roof. Courtyards without roof are mostly common in traditional houses of Kerala. This area is decorated with all types of plants and beautiful flowers turning it as sitting area with traditional furniture in contrast to colour of house. Also, some households prefer turning that center of house in a mini pond which makes that place serene and that place becomes best place during heavy monsoon rains where one can observe continuous running of water down the open roofs turning that place into a divine prolific reign.

Outdoor courtyards built in outer area of houses as a part of gardens or sometimes especially flooring are which are mostly seen as part of Bungalows. These courtyards are more exposed to nature then traditional courtyards which are situated inside the house , this permits breeze to pass through it, blue skies, wafting clouds, sun, stars and moon can all be seen and enjoyed from this comfortable sitting space which can be decided according to one’s choice and taste. Modern Day courtyards are built on stone marble flooring but instead of beautiful flowers there is a lush green cover of grass or it can totally differ depending on designer. The colour of furniture should be in contrast to colour of house which makes it appear more dedicated to nature and it overall glorifies the setting making it more beautiful and serene. These Courtyards are decorated with lush green grass making it more pleasant and beautiful, this also incorporates plantation of tactfully Tetris.

Also, the area of courtyard can include backside pond this is very prominent in Kerala households, with sitting area near it which makes it most serene and peaceful area in house. it allows breeze to flow freely and makes aura enchanting, right architecture and right plantation makes house very beautiful with serenity of nature all around. Also, courtyards can bring in dramatic entry to house, therefore, one can have a fountain, it can give a lavish look to one’s garden or courtyard taking us back to ancient times when this was commonly observed in mostly all the Bungalows in some significant design. One can also add entrance path in house which can be designed in the house among the lush green grass.

Terrace has been also one of the important and integral part of traditional and modern houses . Constraint of space has completely changed the picture of terrace. Earlier Terraces use to be on top of the houses filled with lush green grass and plants decorated with furniture and favorite swing , this tradition is still followed in bungalows with huge space whereas in modern cities due to space constraint tradition has taken a complete drift.

New Terraces are balconies in flats which individual designs according to personal taste and convenience this gives individual chance to decorate small area with beautiful flowers, furniture and swing making it most beautiful place in house. It’s one of the most soothing area of houses that one can design flexibly. Modern day balconies are designed in balconies with some plantation, lights and furniture. One can also comfortable recliners in balconies to make it appear more comfortable. Also, patio furniture can be used if nothing great can be done and one has a simplistic choice.

These Two places can be transformed into most beautiful places in the house with right choice and decision of plantation and furniture, Thus these two things can make these areas divine and serene making it area where one wants to spent most of the time.


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Darling Daughter To Independent Hostel Girl| Aspersion Blog

Two years back when I stepped in Mumbai for my graduation I was very happy that finally I was getting opportunity to lead my life on my terms. I had been waiting  for this opportunity since forever and finally I was getting that in my hand. It was like a dream come true for me. I was going to start my new life in ‘City Of Dreams’ and definitely my dreams  and expectations were high like any normal person who comes to Mumbai until I got a reality check.

We youngsters think that life in house is so miserable it would have better if we had our own independent lives nobody to answer to,  looked by no one. Sounds cool ??  yes it sounds cool but trust me life is not a bed of roses as it seems. In my journey of two years I have realized that our parents make our life so easy without even letting us know, that protective shelter we get in our home is available nowhere in this world.

Travelling in locals and cabs  reminds me of those Cinderella days where pick up and drop facility  was  a provision from house available on one phone call  where my parents like Cinderella’s  God Mother would take care of my commuting.

Household chores were my Mom’s department and handling budget was my Dad’s  but since the day I have shifted in hostel  I have alone  taken up their  roles and in my life now things are under my control.  I am the boss who decides what has to happen when and in what manner. Yes, I even had to  learn to wash clothes, iron them and keep oneself organized which I never did back in my home

In a new city  still when you  fall sick your parents are not around you to take your care, to take you to a doctor or give you medicines for an instance. You alone go to  a hospital and look after  yourself that is the time when you realize your parent’s importance you miss them the most, want to run back to that environment where you were pampered  like a princess . Then you decide not to because  it was your decision  to stay strong in every situation.

We all have  very different habits  when it comes to eating. We hate that boring food cooked  by our mothers but ones when you start staying  in hostel or as a paying guest  and you don’t get good food to eat then definitely you miss home food which your Mother with her entire love and affection use to cook especially for you. Then you hog on whatever comes your way irrespective of the taste it has, everything is okay till its edible .

Being a pampered child I only shared room with my sister but here I learnt to stay with people coming from different backgrounds. It wasn’t only about sharing I learned to adjust with their habits as well. It wasn’t easy to cope up with everything but it wasn’t difficult as well. I learned a lot and still  I am learning something different everyday but after this journey of two years I can say that I have changed from Daddy’s daring daughter to an independent hostel girl.

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